Babauba Baby Clothing – Bright and Exclusive!

Twins in Body Dresses from Babauba

Twins in Body Dresses from Babauba

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Pink koalas, green pandas, blue monsters, and colorful dinos and pirates – Babauba baby clothing will make your baby the most noticeable on the block. Parents who are looking for something that is not mainstream, comfortable, with bright happy colors and of the highest quality should give Babauba a try. The Viennese children’s clothing label was founded by Isabella Csik who is a mother herself. Isabella learned sewing in a small mom-group of friends and applied her newly-acquired skill to put out happy outfits with unique patterns. Her pieces were in such demand that she decided to create her own company. In a few months Babauba became the fastest growing Facebook community in category Austia/Fashion and in the first year it is more the quadrupled in size.

Babauba Bodydress

Babauba Vest Jacket

Bright Bodies from Babauba

Babauba’s collections of baby and kids clothing are exceptionally exclusive. A new collection is released every week and the production is limited to a small number of pieces per design. So if you want to get you hands on a new collection, you’d better hurry up! The newly-released lot is usually sold out within a few days. Due to the high demand, Babauba even had to create an  invitation list. You sign up for the exclusive member-only invitations and every week you get an e-mail with a link to a new collection a few days before everyone else does.

Twins in Body Dresses from Babauba

Laughing Happily in her Bright Outfit

Although my pants have bright snails on them, I can crawl really fast!

So soft and comfy – purple body with cute owls from Babauba!

Because of the hype and exclusivity, it took me a few weeks to secure the outfits and sizes I wanted for the twins. If I forgot to click on an invitation link in the first 24 hours, the pieces I wanted were already sold out. I finally managed to get my hands on the outfits are they were worth the wait! As soon as I pulled them out of the box, the twins’ eyes lit up. The magic appearance of the bright colorful clothes triggered a crawling race. Squeaking with pleasure, the twins grabbed their new pants and explored the design patterns first with their little fingers. Naturally, they mouthed them right after, finding them good enough to play peek-a-boo. Needless to say, I can’t wait for the warmer days to stroll through Innsbruck with my two brightly dressed fashionistas!


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