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In the Business section of our blog, we introduce you the women who have found their work family balance.  It doesn’t matter if these women have small or grown-up children, one child, or many.  We want to be the voice for those who want to tell their story to other empowered women and proud mothers.  It doesn’t matter if the story is about the past or about what is happening here and now. The question of the work-family balance is not new. It existed for the women struggling to have the ends meet after the 2nd World War, for single parents in the ’70s as well as for dual income earner of today.  We look forward to your stories, colorful portraits and anything else that you might want to share …

Do you feel like telling your story?
Or do you know someone who would like to be featured or whose story should be told?

Our work family balance interviews here are based on the following questions:

  • Who are you?
  • Where are you from? What is your journey?
  • What do you want to share with the world about your family?
  • What is your professional role? What propels your desire to succeed professionally?
  • What are the 3 hardest things, when you are switching between the 2 roles: being mommy and being a professional?
  • What are the 3 things that keep you going?
  • What is close to your heart?
If you want to be featured in this series, we need a photo of you, and if you like, of your family/kids. But this is by no means necessary. We would also love to see something that defines your family: a maximum of 3 photos of the things your family loves. Any description of your photos will be greatly appreciated!

We are very excited about these feature series. Maia and Verena, the creators of this site, will be featured in the first interviews. Then we have a really long list of interesting women we are looking forward to feature!

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