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Hot summer days are perfect for making homemade peach icecream gelato! Especially now, when peaches are in season. Years ago in Chicago I learned the peach icecream gelato recipe I am about to share with you from one of the health magazines. I used to make it a lot with all types of fruit. Yesterday I saw these gorgeous peaches at our local farmers market. I couldn’t help making this healthy and easy desert and since last night I just can’t stop eating.

You can make it with all types of fruit and berries but sweeter, juicer fruits will give you better results. You can also experiment with the amount of sugar and mascarpone, substitute sugar for maple or agave syrup, mix mascarpone with yogurt, or totally replace mascarpone with yogurt (Greek yogurt is especially good).

DIY PEACH ICECREAM - Pfirsicheis selbermachen

DIY PEACH ICECREAM RECIPE ENGLISH – Rezept Pfirsicheis selbermachen

So here is the peach icecream gelato recipe for approximately 6 servings:

About 4 to 6 large peaches, skin peeled

200 gram (about 1 cup) of mascarpone

2 to 3 tablespoons of sugar

mint leaves for decoration


Peel the peaches and slice them into small chunks, lay out on a tray and put in a freezer for a few hours. If you use frozen fruit, you can obviously eliminate this step.

DSC_0069 DSC_0073

Mix everything for the peach icecream gelato in a blender or food processor, put in serving dishes, and put back in your freezer for about 10 minutes to remove the slushiness from blending. Serve with a mint leaf and slices of fresh fruit. Can remain flavorful in your freezer for up to one week in a freezer-suitable container. Enjoy!


More recipes in english? Look here for a fantastic smoothie recipe without sugar and 100 percent naturally. Very good for lactation times but healthy for anybody, especially refreshing in summer times!

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