Natural Cosmetics for Pregnancy

IMG_3669Like many pregnant moms, I looked for a long time for natural cosmetics for pregnancy.  I used Lush fresh handmade products throughout the pregnancy when a mom to be needs to be careful about what she puts in her body and uses on her skin. Lush products are made with natural ingredients and without major preservatives.  The list of ingredients is short and easy to understand. And that is why I welcomed an invitation from Lush Cosmetics to try their Valentine’s Day line as an opportunity to relax and pamper myself.


Sex is a no-no in a postpartum recovery period. So kissing is all what is left for a new mom for Valentine Day romance. After a lot of stress-related lip biting during birth and the first weeks postpartum, I was absolutely amazed how the Kiss Lip Scrub from Lush made my chopped lips soft again. The Kiss is made of sugar, of fine sea salt, Fair Trade cocoa butter, with a little almond and mandarin oil and added little edible hearts. The best part was that after scooping it up and rubbing a little in, I could just lick it off and it tasted amazing! It reminded me of a pop candy that bursts in bubbles in your mouth.  I applied some of the Lush’s lip balm after the scrub and my lips were ready to go.


Love Lamp Bath Bomb and Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar were other amazing products I got to sample. Love Lamp bubbles into a creamy cocoa-butter-filled water, coating skin in silky moisture the second you dip your hand in the water. Scents of chocolate orange and vanilla are guaranteed to lift your mood as hint of the aroma lingers on your skin all day long. And the edible hearts that float in the bath should set anyone into a romantic Valentine’s Day mood.  And of the active ingredients in Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar – neroli oil – increases serotonin levels in the brain which makes us feel contented and cheery. And trust me – I need it with two needy crying babies in tow.


One more product from Lush that I love is Henna. I used Lush’s Henna as a natural alternative to hair dye during the pregnancy and was very happy with the result. The hair looked healthy, shiny, and moisturized after coloring thanks to cocoa butter and essential oils in it. Mentioned in the Bible and used by the ancient Egyptians as a decorative cosmetic, henna’s active coloring ingredient lawsone can be mixed with coffee, indigo and other natural dyes to manipulate the final shade. I highly recommend it to all mommies-to-be.

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