Dinosaurs and Mountains are Perfect Together in Triassic Park in Tyrol

Your kids love dinosaurs and can’t sit still for a long periods of time? Then Triassic Park in Tyrol will be a perfect family day trip. Located in Waidring, the park is easily reachable by car from Salzburg or Munich within about an hour.

Triassic Park Tyrol

The journey starts in a Triassic-themed cable car which brings visitors from the village of Waidring to the top of the mountain, where Triassic park is located.

triassic cable car

Right after we stepped out from the cable car, we had a tough choice to make:  do we educate ourselves visiting an interactive indoor pavilion or run straight to the playground and see the dinosaurs? We chose visiting the pavilion first.  The exhibition on around 400 square meters of floor space provides visitors the opportunity to learn about a fascinating world that existed more than 200 million years ago.  Interactive stations and state-of-the-art multimedia technology make the subject fascinating even for smaller children.

triassic center

After spending 15-20 minutes in the pavilion and learning all about Triassic period, we were ready to explore. Tough choice again: do we hit Triassic Beach, the highest sandy beach of the Alps (1,600 meter (5,250 feet), or do we continue to explore and see the dinosaurs waiting on the Triassic Trail? We agree to see the dinosaurs first and then relax on the beach afterwards.


The trail is not so long and has dinosaurs along it as well as a playground that features a climbing course. For active ones, the nearest mountain peak (1,842 meters or 6,043 feet) with a cross and breathtaking views can be easily reached with 20-to-30 minute hike up. The hike is suitable for the entire family and most of the trail is stroller-friendly (altitude gain 195 meters or 640 feet). Only the last 50 meters or so of the trail involve hiking on the rocks, where small children can be carried up or closely watched as they try climbing up on their own.


For even more adventures, the same peak can be reached by a klettersteig or via feratta. So our dad climbed as we hiked up and the whole family reconvened on the top, enjoying a picnic lunch with a view.

One of the highlights of the hike was a viewing platform. The flooring of the platform features completely transparent glass in some places, which is sure to make your adrenaline levels skyrocket. No wonder, you are staring down 1,600 meter (5,250 feet)!

After running around and exploring the park, we were looking forward to relaxing on the beach! As I was lounging on a beach chair looking at the beautiful mountain peaks all around us, I thought that it could have not been a more perfect family outing to the mountains.

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